Tenants Q&A

These are just some of the basic answers to the most frequent questions we generally get asked about renting houses, we hope this will provide you with the information you need..

The Administration Fee

This is a small fee paid by the applicant who wishes to proceed with renting a property.

These charges covers all the processes of any application, including conducting working references, setting up the tenancy agreements, all the administration costs, and the registration of the deposit/bond with an appropriate body.

These are the standard requirements for a tenant when renting property.

How often are property inspections ?

We conduct property inspections every quarter and complete a detail report of the property. We also discuss any issues with you as the tenant.

Do I the tenant have to pay utility bills on top of my rental?

Unless stated otherwise in the property details, as the the tenant of the property you are responsible for paying all the household utility bills within your tenancy period, you are responsible for setting up the utilities for the property, and as such these are listed in your name.

Why complete an application ?

As the agent for the Landlord whose property to which you have applied to rent, it is a requirement that information about the proposed tenant is obtained, including satisfying the new Government legislation for checking that an applicant has the 'Right to rent'.

Will a credit search take place ?   

Yes  Credit searches are carried out. This is a requirement to protect the landlord and also a requirement to ensure that the able to meet the financial needs of renting a property. 


How soon could I move in?

All our properties are not let with out all the vital certifications in place, and the property has been deemed fit for purpose.

Also depending on reference checks to be carried out and reports to be returned, this can take around 5 working days

We generally say 2/3 weeks from viewing day to tenancy commencing.

What is the shortest time I can rent a property for ?

The shortest time you can rent a property is 6 months period, this is a fixed term period.

How long can I rent a property for ?

You can rent a property for a long as you wish providing all obligations are met , but this may also depend on how long the landlord wishes there property to be let for.

Do you accept housing benefit claimants?

We endeavour to have a selection of houses available for housing benefit claimants.

However you may be requested to provide someone who is prepared to act as your guarantor, and certain conditions would apply.

How soon could you get out to call outs?

We say that we will endeavour to reach emergency call outs within the hour depending on the level of seriousness. Certain instances such as losing keys, would incur a call out fee, and a charge for replacing locks